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Foot Clinic in the medicum Hamburg, Diabetes Centre Berliner Tor: special medical care for damaged feet


Elevated blood glucose levels can have dramatic consequences

An elevated blood glucose level over a long period is poison for the nerves. And it is the longest nerves which are most seriously affected – the nerves that extend into the feet. This is where the first damage mainly occurs. It begins with numbness and tingling sensations, then pain. In the long term, the damage caused by diabetes severely reduces the function and load-bearing capacity of the feet. This condition is known as the “diabetic foot”. Our feet enable us to be mobile well into old age, therefore, they need special care. In the Foot Clinic in the medicum Hamburg, Berliner Tor, we have opened an outpatient foot clinic, especially for this purpose. Here, a fully trained team of diabetologists, wound managers, podiatrists and master orthopaedic shoemakers is available for patients, so that the so-called diabetic foot syndrome can receive careful and medically appropriate treatment.


Consequences of nerve damage: the diabetic foot

In diabetic feet the sensitivity for pressure, pain, temperature and touch is usually severely reduced or completely lost. The foot is therefore no longer able to make itself felt through pain. As a consequence of poor blood circulation the skin tissue has an inadequate supply of oxygen. In addition, sweat production is reduced and this leads to dry skin and defects such as cracks, pressure marks, changes and diseases of the toenails. Changes in bone nourishment and the shape of the foot make the feet especially susceptible to infection and ulcers.


Podiatry – very special care for the feet

Diabetic feet need special care. Inappropriate treatment can have severe consequences. Therefore, you should make sure that your feet receive specialised podiatric treatment. Our podiatrists recognise the warning signs for dangerous developments and avoid any kind of injury during nail and skin care. If necessary, wound managers or diabetologists are included in the treatment procedure. We develop a therapy concept for you to cure or prevent dangerous pressure sores or inflammations. When “diabetic foot syndrome” with nerve damage and circulatory disorder is diagnosed, the health insurance companies cover the costs of the necessary special care. The aim of our podiatry experts in the medicum Foot Clinic is to preserve and improve the normal function of the foot’s skin and toenails. Our orthopaedic shoemakers contribute to the achievement of this aim by manufacturing custom-made orthopaedic shoes with fine craftsmanship to reduce the pressure on your feet.


Examinations and services in the Foot Clinic of the medicum Hamburg, Diabetes Centre Berliner Tor

  • Examination of nerve function, blood circulation, the skin and any foot deformities
  • Wound management in the wound clinic
  • Prescription of special shoes to prevent ulcers
  • Co-operation with master orthopaedic shoemakers
  • Co-operation with podiatrists
  • Advice for buying shoes
  • Treatment of ingrowing toenails


The Foot Clinic in the medicum Hamburg, Berliner Tor – specialised care and treatment for diabetic feet