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In Germany, two out of three men are overweight, and one in two women. Strokes, overstrained joints, an increased risk of diabetes and other ailments are the dramatic consequences. Today, an increasing number of children and adolescents are also overweight.

What can be done to fight obesity? In the Centre for Nutritional and Preventive Medicine in the medicum Hamburg, the largest out-patient centre of this kind in Germany, we investigate this and many other questions concerning obesity. We have 100 members of staff from different specialist fields who are committed to your well-being and will help you to eat more healthily and become – or stay – slim. The right balance is the key factor: Is my diet nourishing enough to keep me healthy? What nutrients do I need, for example when doing sports, to enable me to achieve my best possible performance? Is my diet giving me an adequate supply of minerals and vitamins? How can I prevent the onset of hereditary diseases? A specific diet tailored to a patient’s individual needs can bring about an improvement not only in patients with diabetes, but also in patients with rheumatic diseases, migraine and many other disorders. At the same time, medication can be reduced or discontinued completely. An individual nutrition concept can also help with fertility treatment (co-operation partners). Reduce your obesity with our dietary recommendations, training programmes, courses and individual counselling.


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