medicum - Insulin Pump Center

More safety for diabetics: the insulin pump centre in the specialised diabetology practice medicum Hamburg

For a carefree daily routine and greater quality of life: With the new pump models, injection and dosage of insulin proceeds almost automatically. What has to be done if your blood glucose level fluctuates sharply? Conventional insulin pump or a patch pump? How are they used? What evaluation and documentation is possible with the different models? How much do health insurance companies pay towards the cost of a pump? In our practice you can have your insulin pump adjusted for optimal and continuous measurement of your blood glucose.

Qualified diabetologists in the pump centre will help you with this special type of treatment. We co-operate with pump manufacturers to deal with questions regarding cost coverage by health insurance companies. We offer intensive training and professional assistance regarding the technical handling of insulin pumps and also for further therapies. With us you can be fully up-to-date with the latest therapy options.

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The Insulin Pump Centre in the medicum Hamburg -

Learn and experience quality of life with an insulin pump.