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Fight against the widespread disease diabetes - in our specialised diabetology practice: medicum Hamburg


The figures are alarming – it is estimated that about eight million people in Germany suffer from diabetes, and the trend is clearly rising. This means that almost 10% of the German population is affected by this disease. But what can be done about it? What measures help? How can the risk of getting diabetes be reduced?

In our specialised diabetology practice medicum Hamburg our focus has been on all aspects of diabetes and nutritional medicine since the 1950s. More than 30 specialist doctors from different fields of medicine and 80 specially qualified employees provide optimal treatment for diabetes patients. This also includes our Centres for Nutritional and Preventive Medicine and Obesity which offer the most comprehensive range of measures in Germany to combat overweight.


Diabetes does not sound serious – but it is.

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease which is characterised by a high concentration of glucose in the blood. The body does not have enough insulin which is produced by the pancreas and regulates the level of glucose in the blood. The less frequent form of diabetes mellitus is Type 1 which accounts for about 5% of diabetes cases in Germany and is usually due to an abnormal reaction by the immune system.

About 95% of diabetics, however, suffer from Type 2 diabetes mellitus, also known as maturity-onset diabetes. This trivialisation masks the scope of this disease: obesity, lack of exercise and stress are among the greatest risk factors leading to the development of diabetes. This means that this disease is not only a problem for older people, but can already have dramatic consequences for young adults. A long-term elevation in the blood glucose level causes damage to the blood vessels. This results in long-term complications for the cardiovascular system with circulatory problems in the arms and legs, which in turn lead to heart attack, stroke, damage to the retina, kidney failure or sexual disorders.


Your diabetes therapy – win back your quality of life

In the specialised diabetology practice medicum Hamburg we pursue a holistic therapy concept. Together with our specialists in the fields of psychotherapy, nutritional and diet science and sport we work out an individual concept specifically for you. We employ a multi-facetted approach which enables you to learn how to manage your blood glucose level, recognise when your blood glucose level is too low and monitor your blood pressure. In addition, you receive comprehensive advice in our insulin pump centre about the purchase and use of an insulin pump. Another very important part of the therapy is choosing a proper diet from the nutritional point of view. We assess your eating habits and adjust your personal preferences to your diabetes. In most cases, small changes in your nutrition are sufficient. Quality of life and a feeling of being satisfied after eating are the focus of our attention and the key to success. You can also learn to cook healthy and delicious meals or join a weight-losing group. Furthermore, we compile an activity programme tailored to your needs.


Diabetes and its consequences – integrated, holistic therapy from one source

Our holistic care concept includes treatment of secondary diseases. In our specialised departments for foot, cardiovascular and eye complications we treat the typical consequences of diabetes such as diabetic foot syndrome, diseases of the retina, kidney problems or cardiovascular diseases, to name just a few examples. Medical care and support before and after any necessary operations is also part of our treatment programme, as is co-operation with specialised hospitals. In addition to individual therapy and group courses, the medicum Hamburg offers interdisciplinary group therapies such as M.O.B.I.L.I.S. and DocWeight. If bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) is necessary, we provide care and support in co-operation with specialised clinics.

medicum Hamburg – Specialised Diabetology Practice – Enjoy life to the full in spite of diabetes, thanks to competent advice and comprehensive treatment.