Practice Concept of the medicum Hamburg

Health care from one source – no problem in the medicum Hamburg

All-round health care from one source has not only the practical advantage that you can go to several specialist or therapy appointments on the same day and save valuable time. The networked medical care provided by the medicum Hamburg also guarantees the best possible attention to each patient, particularly with regard to your individual therapy. We can observe your health from different, but co-ordinated medical perspectives. This creates the best conditions for successful therapy.

For stable blood glucose

Whether conventional insulin pump or patch pump – in our integrated pump centre patients can benefit from our extended care package.

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Medical nutrition counselling – eat yourself healthy without having to go forego your favourite food

Nutritional medicine often knows what to do when classical medicine has reached its limits. And not only that – it helps patients to stay healthy. In the medicum Hamburg you will find the appropriate counselling for you – whether you are healthy or ill, suffer from diabetes or obesity, or if you want to achieve your best possible performance in sports.

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Our other associated specialist fields of medicine such as the primary health care centre for internal medicine, ophthalmology, cardiology, foot clinic and the psychotherapy centre are an integral part of the holistic therapy approach in the medicum Hamburg.

medicum Hamburg – for the best care