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Professionalism – for more than 70 years


The medicum Hamburg originates from the former “Diabetes Centre Berliner Tor”, which itself had a history going back to the 1940s. It was a further development of the “Diabetes Centre Hamburg” which was founded in 1943 and first served as an insulin dispensing office. The facility evolved into a specialised diabetology practice treating patients from all over the north of Germany.
Since then it has continually expanded. In 1999 the former “Diabetes Centre” continued operation as the “Diabetes Centre Berliner Tor”. In 2008, further specialist departments were integrated and the centre changed its name to the medicum Hamburg, which now provides holistic and inter-disciplinary medical care not only for diabetics.

An overview of the milestones of the “Diabetes Centre Hamburg” and the medicum Hamburg:

  • Founded in 1943 as an insulin dispensing office it became an important facility for diabetics all over the north of Germany
  • In the 1970s the first female Type-1 diabetic gives birth to a baby thanks to the optimal care in the Diabetes Centre
  • First outpatient HbA1 measurement in the Diabetes Centre Hamburg
  • In the 1980s: the first outpatient insulin dosage adjustment
  • In the 1990s: the first foot clinic with orthopaedic master shoemakers and podiatry
  • In 2007: the first specialised diabetology practice in Germany with a specialised department for nutritional medicine

Professional training in an up-to-date atmosphere
The medicum Hamburg is certified by the General Medical Council of Hamburg to carry out professional training for medical assistants. You can see the certificate for 2015/2016 here.