medicum Hamburg

"Type 2 diabetes is curable!" Dr. Matthias Riedl


The medicum Hamburg provides medical services of the highest quality with competent counselling and comprehensive care regarding all aspects of diabetes. With our team of more than 100 expert members of staff from relevant specialised fields we take care of the well-being of our patients – and have been doing so for more than 70 years. The team of medicum Hamburg with Dr. Matthias Riedl as its medical director and managing director have made it their aim to provide holistic treatment for people with diabetes, obesity and secondary disorders such as cardiovascular disease, stroke or diabetic foot according to the latest scientific findings and applying modern medical and nutritional methods – so that every patient chooses his or her own individual path towards well-being.        

medicum Hamburg: closely co-ordinated and networked health care
In two locations in Hamburg – Berliner Tor and Farmsen – a closely co-ordinated range of services for networked medical care has been created. In our diabetology practice you will find an integrated pump centre with specialised diabetologists, a centre for nutritional and preventive medicine, an obesity centre, a psychotherapy centre and a primary health care centre. Further affiliated specialised departments are our eye department, cardiology department and foot clinic.  

medicum Hamburg – custom-made patient care with medical services of the highest quality